Grief target of Irène Cruypenninck




Ink on Vellum paper

Gift from Mr. Clément, 1985

Inv. 1985.2.4

When a “chevalier d’arc” (archery companion) dies, his or her company organizes a grieving archery session in honor of the deceased. During the shooting, a target called a card, specifically decorated, is made. The impacts on the target can be signed by each participant. Irène Cruypenninck, the great archery champion, passed away on 2 March 1985. Her grieving session occurred on 23 March on the same year. This shooting card is voluntarily simple, as a fitting homage to this great figure of archery.


Irène Cruypenninck (1899-1985)


World champion in 1935, fourteen-time champion of the Round “Cibles et Beursault”, seven-time France champion all distance, three-time champion of France Beursault, thirty-three-time medallist at the World and Europe championships, 4 gold, 12 silver and 17 bronze medals. 


This impressive track record belongs to Irène Cruypenninck, born Irène Rousseau in 1900. This exceptional female archer was present on national and international podiums from 1935 to 1955 and practiced archery with enthusiasm until the end of her life. She was committed to transmitting her love for archery to future generations. Her great knowledge of archery and international competitions made her a reference regularly consulted for her technical expertise. 


In 1985, her daughter Mrs. Rocourt, gifted the Archery and Valois Museum some of her medals, cups, diplomas and other distinctions. In 2013, Mrs. Cruypenninck’s grandchildren gifted a set of plated collected by the champion to the museum.