SF Archery bow and accessories

SF Archery (Win & Win)


France & South Korea


Aluminium, fiberglass, foam, carbon

Gift of Sébastien Flûte for SF Archery, 2017

Inv. 2018.7.1 à 7

SF Archery is a trademark registered by famous archer Sébastien Flûte, Olympic champion in Barcelona in 1992. After his high level career, Sébastien Flûte has been developing, since 2005, a range of archery equipment in collaboration with the Win & Win company, one of the world leading supplier for sport archery equipment.


Sébastien Flûte has donated a set of a last generation classic bow, which includes:


- A Forget + handle in aluminum that combines a computer-assisted conception and computer-controlled forging and machining techniques. It brings together rigidity, lightness and performance.

- Elite Fiber/ Foam limbs conceived for archers trying to improve. Their glass and fiber structure ensures flexibility and comfort during shooting.

- A Velocity stabilizer set made from an 18 mm Carbon tube that includes a new sliding V-Bar that helps to adjust its position perfectly. 

- A magnetic Velocity arrow rest, to screw on, adjustable in height and distance to adjust any type of arrows. 

- A Carbone Velocity sight, which micrometric settings can be done for the height and laterally. 

- A magnetic clicker to screw onto the handle. The plastic tip suppresses the arrow’s sound and friction. 

- A Berger button Pro Forged, which is a plunger button that sets the launch of the arrow when shot, improving its flight as well as reducing the arrow’s undulation (arrow paradox).

- A StringFLex bowstring.


This top-range and up-to-date equipment illustrates the latest technical evolutions of the classic bow.