The traditions of archery

The museum was created in 1949 by Roger Scart, an archer fascinated by the heritage of his region, the Valois. Traditional archery has also held a predominant place in its collections. 


Traditional archery is a living heritage and still largely practiced in Picardie, in the Île de France, in the North of France, in Belgium, in Germany and in England. The museum dedicates an important room to these traditions in order to show the particularities and common characteristics of these regional practices that all have, as a starting point, the perpetuation of centuries-old disciplines and their transmission. 


Like all these traditions, those of archery constantly evolve to adapt themselves to society’s changes. Objects and audiovisual productions are testimonies of this heritage in perpetual motion. The Archery and Valois Museum thus pays a much-deserved homage to this diversity of traditions that led to its creation and contribute, to this day, to make it the largest European public collection dedicated to this thematic. 


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