Uukha bow

Xcomposite Company 





Gift from the Xcomposite Company, 2015

Inv. 2018.6.1

This bow was developed between 2008 and 2009 by the company XComposite, implanted in Charente-Maritime, and has been made industrially since 2013. It includes an Upro Lite 25’’ handle for right-handed archers and Ux100 66’’16# branches. It’s the first mass-produced bow without the classic glue-laminated technique, where materials are assembled in multiple “strata”.


Ukha bows are the only models that do not use wood or foam in their branches, which results in constant performance regardless of temperature and hygrometry conditions. The fabrication technique is based on those used in the aeronautic and Formula One industries. It consists in molding Carbone composite elements impregnated with Epoxy resin, which enables to get monolith bows with mechanical properties way superior to glue-laminated bows. Lighter, they gain in speed for example. 


Uukha bows have been patented and have been increasingly used by international archers. 


The name Uukha is a reference to the uukhaï battle cry, which encourages archers during the Naadam national holiday in Mongolia. This name pays homage to the Mongolian bow, a source of teachings on the conception of composite bows.