The Friends of the Museum association

L'association des amis du musée de l'archerie et du Valois

The Friends of the Archery and Valois Museum association works in close collaboration with the museum.

Its aim is to contribute to the enrichment of the Archery and Valois museum’s collections and to expand its reach by participating in:

  • preserving the heritage of the Valois and the traditions of archery;
  • showcasing the Archery and Valois Museum’s collections  and their conservation, by supporting restoration operations among other activities;
  • increasing the museum’s collections by financing new acquisitions;
  • producing and broadcasting all types of communication media: promotional, publications, audiovisual, conferences, visits…
  • increasing the museum’s attendance by supporting various actions and targeted events; 
  • enriching the museum’s event roster by supporting the financing of exhibitions, shows and pedagogic workshops. 

The Board

  • President: Mireille SCART
  • Secretary: Dominique VIVANT
  • Assistant secretary:  Jean-Pierre DELBARRE 
  • Treasurer: Véronique ARONIO      
  • Assistant treasurer: Christian PILOY
  • Vice-presidents: Jean-Paul POUSSON and Michel FAGOT
  • Members of the  board: Marie VANDOME, Claude COTTE, Serge MOREAUX, François PACCHIN, Stéphanie MAZE, Juliette CELESTIN, Dominique FAIVRE, Stanislas GRZLAK and Olivier GRARD


The 2019 membership form
Formulaire adhésion 2019.pdf
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