The museum’s missions

As is the case for all museums with the label “Museums of France”, the Archery and Valois Museum must preserve, transmit and study the collections it holds. It also must enrich its collections in a sensible and relevant way.


Conservation means giving the best stockage and exhibiting conditions to the artworks, specifically by regulating the climatic conditions and by using neutral materials that do not alter their constitutive matters.  When the state of an artwork dictates it, a conservator can also proceed with a restoration, for example to improve its legibility or its stability. Thus, collections can be passed onto future generations.


The museum also must make its collections accessible to the largest audience possible. To accomplish that, the museum team develops and creates educational and outreach activities to allow each and every member of the public to learn. Finally, the study of the collections and dissemination of research are made by members of the team but also by individuals, students, scholars or curious people, by consulting the documentation center.